eBusiness Solutions

Our e-Business Consultants help you identify and deliver scalable solutions for your business. We assist you in defining solutions for internet, intranet or extranet use, whether for your customers, staff or partner use.

eBusiness Solutions   Working closely with you as a part of the team, our consultants help you to identify a solution that will meet your targets while also driving your business forward. By analyzing your e-Business solution as a part of the organization as a whole, we can deliver solutions that will integrate smoothly in to your existing infrastructure, and with them bring improvement for your business processes.
Our e-Business Consultants have significant experience and expertise in identifying and delivering e-Solutions in a number of different markets. We assist you in developing a phased plan for the solution that enhances your existing online services and integrates with your existing business practices and systems.

As DRACS is not purely a consulting company, you can also rest assured that the solutions we help you reach are actually achievable, and within your budget. Our consultants can provide a range of solutions at different cost levels, with analysis of the benefits of each, in order to allow you to make an informed decision.

Whether you're just taking the first steps in becoming an e-Business, or want to move your online presence to the next level, DRACS can help you evolve and deliver a solution that will enhance your business.
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